Mooncat World

Mooncat World Diacelin Art Mooncat World - for the dreamer in you

Mooncat is a blue-eyed mystical character with round hypnotizing eyes that lives in its own world, which was created by talented artist Dia. You will dive in a World of Dacian ancient symbols, beautiful bright hallucinations, Asian art culture, nature, movie stars and feelings.

Mooncat World is a place of dreams and fusion of cosmopolitan traditions. It is a world of mysticism, sometimes as contradictory as our own world, sometimes misunderstood, sick – other times hosting celebrations, happiness, wishes. The story of Mooncat is the road of a human spirit connected to high and beyond: full of events, internal living and immeasurable. Everyone can connect to him/herself by entering in the Mooncat space.

Every product on this website has a signature of this world.

Nowadays, Mooncat World Collection has more than 100 paintings. Each painting tells a unique story. In add, you can discover many gifts and souvenirs for every taste. Welcome to explore them!

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