About Us

Mooncat World is for the Dreamer in You

Mooncat World by DiacelinArt is a fine arts brand centered around a mystical character, created by artist Dia in Nyon, Switzerland.

It allows fine arts lovers, focused on the Asian art and spiritual vibes, to find marvelous paintings with individual stories. During these unstable pandemic times, Mooncat World is here to nourish selfcare, relaxation and happiness for the individuals and for their dear ones. 

For everyone in search for an exceptional design – explore Mooncat prints, original paintings depicting marine life and new items for home decoration, including the children's room; for people from different countries - buy unusual souvenirs from Switzerland and for the young customers - feed your creative spirit with joyful energy of our apparel and accessories. 

The World of Mooncat does not stop here. It continues to expand to various artistic directions, cultures, and styles, so all our buyers would feel that this world is a part of them.
Besides Mooncat World, we offer for sell oil on canvas paintings on symbolism and marine life thematic that would make excellent gifts for corporate and personal events, specially for individuals that love marine ecosystems, that practise activities related to water, like diving.

Such creations are dedicated to people that see their lives close to the basics that make our planet our home: ocean, forest, animals. They are for those that believe in reducing plastic, respect and nurture the ecosystems and the entire nature. 

Renewable and eco-friendly is what makes our products ethical and we stand up with this goal. Many of our items, like apparel and framed posters, are created respecting such ecology standards. We love and support the Eco & Green movements and search for partners alike in our creative journey.

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