International Women's Day

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A day about praising and showing admiration to women. Now and then: what it is like to be a woman?

1. A woman wants to be treated with unconditional respect

It does not matter if you are a boy or a girl. We all want the same: respect and acknowledgement. From Cleopatra and Lei-Tzu to Sofia Ionescu-Ogrezeanu and Wangari Maathai, women have proved their unique qualities that changed societies into prosperity. However, all women's accomplishments were not achieved without a fight, mainly with stereotypes. Prejudice and reducing women to simplistic roles, segregation are only steaks in the wheels and serve no good. Their fruits are poison that rot our societies and block its overall progress. On the other hand, an ambience of respect brings a quality life for both women and men.
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2. A woman wants to feel empowered

A woman dreams to feel fairness and equity, regardless of her age. It is not about giving an opportunity; it is about letting woman create opportunities for the community. Women do not like to feel hopeless and, they do not want to be dependent on opinions and behaviors that do not serve their growth purpose. In contrary, support and trust are what defines the relationship with a woman, a girlfriend, a female colleague. Women's empowerment is expressed as well in the cohesion, in the "Girl Power". We all cherish these values, so why not nourishing them in the relations with women and between women?
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3. Kindness and Friendship

More than attention, a woman is a lot more fulfilled by the act of tenderness and empathy. Even after time spent apart, it is amazing to rebound with a girlfriend and realize that no matter the distance and time things stay the same - moving forward but keeping people close. It is not that kind of hard work that one "must do" in a relationship, affection is not a hardship. Make the women in your life feel valued by love and care. For one it takes more emotional maturity to be there for that friend or beloved woman. Simple: validate her experience and stay connected.
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4. A woman needs to feel beautiful, strong, independent for her own self

Revealing a potential creative talent lays in the heart flame of any little girl. It does not require admirers; it requires to protect from disapproval against her creativity. Beauty is not a simple esthetic structure to please the eye, but a reminder about wisdom, integrity, and kindness arts. Cultivate freedom and inspiration and you will grow a beautiful, strong, and independent woman. This is a conscious daily practice to grow warriors of the society that can change into a better life the whole community.
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