For the Dreamer in you
Mooncat World presents you art products that improve your life and assist you in finding yourself and your core values. Mooncat Dreamer lives in everyone. What kind of dreamer are you? Find your calling, discover your resources, reinvent yourself!

Fighter. There is a fighter in everyone


Spiritual Warrior / Printed Canvas

Sometimes we need motivation to stand up in the morning and face the day. Other times we feel like real fighters that win the life battles and reach their dream goals. Everything in life is a step-by-step process and the little move that you do every day with perseverance in the direction of your goal means something. Take a look inside of your heart. Recall all those times when you reached a new level or finished a "running line" of your struggle. You are already a Mooncat Fighter with every step you take. Believe in your power.

When care is pressing you down a bit, Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.

— Edgar A. Guest

Adventurous. Curiosity and energy are remarkable features


Space Ice Cream / Women T-Shirt

Not being afraid of dipping your hands in the mud to discover something new makes you courageous, smarter, and open-minded. Being adventurous means becoming happier and life fulfilled. Explore new things, new places in an unconventional way, or simply interact with other cultures. Adventurous people try new dishes, try new traditional apparel, haircuts, new ways of doing the same things etc. They know a secret: life is too short to stay isolated in the box of your familiar space.

Dancer. Dancers are big dreamers


Music and Dance / Framed Poster

Those that dance inspire themselves and the world around them to focus on love, positive energy flow, discipline. What is here for you in music and dance? Essentially, is the self-expression and self-improvement. You create the vibe, the magic of happiness. Dance is for joy.

Green. Our world blossoms due to the forests, insects whispering on their trunks, birds and flowers that carries on the grace of our planet


Amazonian Fairy Story / Coffee Mugs

A Mooncat Dreamer has a green heart, full of love for the nature, occupied with compassion for environment and his/her own wellbeing on this earth. A Mooncat Dreamer is busy assisting to improve recycling, cleaning, and preserving the nature, the air, the climate. It is an essential part of her and his existence philosophy to live without harming and to be grateful for clean water, trees, and bees.

Seaside craver


The Ocean's Recovery / Framed Poster

Fascinated, with a ravenous curiosity about marine life and its mysteries, this Mooncat Dreamer cannot imagine the life without exploring and surrounding his/her life with the gifts of the sea. One finds the refuge in the underwater elements, feeding on the energy and spirit of this water-world. Jacques Cousteau is a great example of a seaside craver, a veritable Mooncat Dreamer that preserved, cherished, and shared knowledge about the sea. Be led by such examples.

Wellness. So, what did you do today to improve your life?


Health Motivation / Framed Poster

Selfcare is simply thinking and doing activities that promote your mental and physical health. Take 20 min of your time to stop. Listen to nothing, do not interact with anybody, close your eyes. When do you plan to add movement, healthy diet, and water to this holistic practice? A Mooncat Dreamer nourishes its life with respect to the body and mind. Promote selfcare as a priority in your life, become a Mooncat.

Spiritual. Empathy and love are the key principles in a Spiritual Mooncat life


Inner Peace / Framed Poster

Destroying prejudice and living an existence of self- compassion nurtures all the people around. It is easy and simple to be surrounded with spiritual friends and colleagues. They shine with their light your days and make you feel treasured. The world needs more of this kind of people. Embrace and develop your own affection.

Tolerant. Being spiritual means as well to be tolerant


I Feel You / Framed Poster

What is love without being able to put yourself in someone’s shoes? A tolerant Mooncat can see the good in an individual through the social conventional appearances. One wonderful quality he/she has is to think critically and appreciate people for their doings not for their identity, colour, ethnicity and gender. Free from prejudice. Stereotyping is so trivial, however practicing compassion and open-minded attitude is divine and in add, is rewarding in long-life term.

Homey Introvert. Our existence would not be so interesting without the introvert Mooncats


Late Autumn / Framed Poster

Melancholy and individual activities are attributes that make them happy. Gifted with the quality of imagination, these Mooncats are self-entertainers, able to work on singular tasks for looong time. They are wonderful companions that can listen to you without interrupting, however they love the shell of their world and will search to refuge there, as it makes them feel comfortable and happy.

Believer. Those who dream those are the believers


Iwa / Framed Poster

The magic of this world is sustained by Mooncats that are skilled to create, inspire and grow the cultural and spiritual patrimony of a community. Believers are the world’s optimists and civilization keepers. We cannot move on without having traditional identities and crafts. They are the stem from where our life journey begins and becomes enriched on the life path. Believers are those that carry on the wisdom of humanity and deity, the legends, the culture and art and the guidance of individual spirits.

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